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The future in Foot care! You can be"The Funginator"

Attack that fungus with Ultraviolet light

Nail Fungus and athletes foot cure. Safe, nontoxic, doctors prescription not needed, finally end the application of athletes foot cream/powder, no need to pop more pills. You can take control of your nail fungus and/or athletes foot.

The use of ultraviolet light to kill virus, mold, bacteria, germs and FUNGUS has been known to the medical community for more than a century.

This is well documented.


Guess what? Athletes foot and nail fungus are destroyed with low dose exposure to class A Ultraviolet light! The nail fungus no longer has total darkness to thrive in. That's why almost all cases of nail fungus occur in the toe nails! Now you can fight back! Use ultraviolet light! If you don't believe me, check out Patent# 6960201 . This patent pretty much gives license to the sun!
How long have you been applying various antifungal creams looking for the one that kills your particular toe nail/foot fungus? Year after year? Do the side effects of the pills you take for your nail fungus worry you or even prevent you from using? Maybe $5,000 dollars is more than you can afford for the new LASAR treatment. With all of these, if you stop use, you reinfect.


Instead expose your toes to UVA ! Sit at your desk, sit in your ez chair, sit on your toilet, wherever you have a few minutes with your shoes off(and socks of course). Even more good news, expose the underside and between your toes at the same sitting and destroy that athletes foot for good! Also I'd like to suggest expose the inside of those shoes you are in all the time. Get them where they live! Once your nails are back to normal a routine of a couple of times a week should keep your nails and your toes nice and healthy for life! Just need a one time purchase of some sort of UV lighting. Plus any family member can use it, over and over, no more cost! No pills or messy topical ointments, powders or LASAR treatments and no more embarrassing ugly toe nails! Imagine wearing sandals without socks! or open toed heels without nail polish.


Put it where the sun don't shine!


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