During treatment there are a few things you should do to speed things along.

Since this is light therapy your nail polish needs to go. UV light needs to make it through to nail bed. A few minutes every day, if possible, expose your infected nails. Time varies with the intensity of your UV source. If after a couple of weeks nothing improves increase time exposed or increase light intensity.

Keep your nails short. The fungi will die and need to be removed. Clean out from under the nail all the yuckie stuff you can. I find pouring a little hydrogen peroxide on toe after cleaning under nail helps speed the whole process along. Do this on a regular schedule.

After bathing squeeze out excess water from under nail.

Suggest exposing the inside of your shoes to Ultraviolet light. Get them where they live.

Keep this going for months! you will love your new nails. Once fully recovered. Keep a maintenance schedule going . A couple days a week should do. Otherwise, in most cases reinfection occurs!

How to use and other uses.


Home and personal uses for Ultraviolet light

Life has its cuts and scraps. Shine UVA light on them and wow the pain reduces and the healing begins. You've just killed all the little nasty invaders. Do this daily for a minute or two and your cut or scrap will soon be healed. No need for a antiseptic ointment.

Of course the use of Ultraviolet light to locate urine and other body fluids is well know.

If you are concerned with who has handled your utensils before you at a restaurant. Expose them to Ultraviolet light. Check the Facts/links page and look at all the bacteria and germs ,etc. you can kill!

You are the Funginator!

Who knows what hangs out and parties on your toothbrush after your done. You know what to do!

I stuck a couple of "blacklight" twisted fluorescent lights in place of vanity lights and noticed a significant reduction of stuff trying to grow in my shower. Thus reducing my need for disinfectants.

What about sponges? Think some Ultraviolet would help?