Q: What about UV light causing skin cancer?

A: Their are three classes of UV light. A, B and C.

B and C are the shortest wavelengths. B and C are considered germicidal and the ones responsible for skin damage. UVLed's emit class A light at the edge of visible light, causing little damage. UVLed's have low level light output, nothing like the sun's intensity.

So add a little bit of sunshine to areas that normally are in the dark, the dark areas where fungus thrive!

Q: Will over exposure be harmful?

A:Yes, over exposure to UVA is harmful, burns are the result. Like a bad sunburn, maybe some peeling or even blisters. Be careful.

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Q:Will I harm my eyes looking directly at UVLed's?

Never look directly at the LED's without eye protection - not even for a minute. Symptoms of UV exposure may not appear immediately; they can be delayed by 30 minutes to several hours. They can include a burning or "sand in the eyes" sensation, and a hazy look around light bulbs and other bright objects. Mild cases are self-correcting within 24 to 36 hours; however if despite my warnings you still stared at the LED from close range for more than a few minutes, it might not be a bad idea to see an eye doctor and tell him you've been exposed to UVA radiation. DISCLAIMER: I shall not be held responsible for any damage or loss of eyesight arising from your use or misuse of the information on this page. Thank you for listening.