NOW you can prevent/ kill a MRSA infection with your mobile device!!!

The purpose of this site is to help stop the spread of MRSA. Maybe even save a life or two. Recent studies have shown the use of light therapy will kill and therefore stop the MRSA virus. Early treatment is key.


The medical community has used ultraviolet light to kill virues, fungi and bacteria 
for over a century now.
This includes MRSA. Recent research has shown that MRSA is completely eradicated when exposed to light in the blue range of the light spectrum ! 470 nanometers kills the MRSA bacteria without any UV exposure.(photomed Lasar Surg 09 Jan 28) The hospital aquired MRSA (IS-853) and the community aquired MRSA (US-300) Destroyed with blue light.
That's right blue light !
 Now use your mobile device as a destroyer of MRSA !. The DESTROY MRSA NOW page can be life saving !
 Just enter page and hold device screen as close as possible to area where treatment is needed.
  A few minutes exposure should do the job. To be on the safe side several minutes, several times a day would be best. NO worries, the 470 nanometer wavelength has no UV rays that might cause skin damage.

Also like the DIY UV nail fungus treatment ( you can use a 470 nanometer LED flashlight, have one handy to prevent and destroy MRSA. 


Here are some interesting facts about 470 nanometers.

Increase alertness

  Lights of this frequency increase alertness in fatigued or sleep deprived individuals. 30 to 45 minutes of light exposure increases brain clarity, reduces reaction times, and temporarily resets the brain's internal clock to morning. So this should be a good remedy for jetlag!

Substitute the moon

  This wavelength of light is used as a substitute for moonlight in salt-water aquariums. The light promotes lunar spawning cycles in coral and reef life.


 If you're a fan of the CSI shows on TV, That blue light the forensic investigators use to detect gunshot residue and blood at crime scenes, 470 nanometers !.