Yes, its as simple as this. You can be "The Funginator" AND take control. A daily 2-3 minute exposure (maybe more depends on how much light you have) of ultraviolet light to your infected nails will eliminate your nail fungus.† As with any nail fungus remedy, treatment must be daily for about a year, maybe as little as 6 months or less!! Depends on severity and your persistence. But no more buying and applying topical creams or popping pills!



Here I took a headlamp LED flashlight and swapped out the white LED's with 395 nm Ultraviolet ones and removed the over the head part of the stretch headunit. It worked fine for me . BUT! FYI , I made one for my elderly father and it was to difficult for him to use. So not recommended for limited mobility individuals. Plus weight was an issue, it made it difficult keeping unit properly aligned without cutting off circulation to the toes. There are smaller headlamp units than the one above. So they may work just fine. The last two photo's are of a expriement I'm doing, sure it will elvove further.

This is all I used to prove my theory! A simple keychain LED flashlight with a 395 nm Ultraviolet LED. Using this for a couple minutes a day on the infected nail worked! It took several months, as with any remedy. But again this method may be difficult for some individuals. Learning from my experience. I now use a unit that is on the floor and I slip my toes into. A much better solution. Hands free and easy use. I'm still refining this unit.

click for "in use" video



I used deductive reasoning of my surrounding to arrive at this conclusion. I know fungi can't live in sunny area's .I know that people living in warmer climes have their toes in the sun and don't suffer with nail fungus. I know regular use of sun tan beds causes nail fungus to clear. So why not use a artificial source? People check out patent #6,960,201 if you don't believe me. Issued years ago but not any product yet? hmmm.




So people, get yourself a Ultraviolet flashlight of some sort and use it. Bring out "the funginator" in you and enjoy healthy feet and less infections as a reward for your efforts! Several are available for low cost. Some suggested search terms; Miner's lamp, currency authenticator, sterilizer or some Ultraviolet LED flashlight or convert your own. Their are ccft's that produce UVA. The new twisted flouresense light bulbs produce lots of uv's avoid long time periods with these, severe sunburns have been reported.

If all else fails, get those toes some sun.