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Kill off fungal and viral infections with


The use of ultraviolet light to destroy fungal and viral infections has been in use by the medical comunnity for over a century! We the people now have a little miricle the ultraviolet LED (light emitting diode). Use the power of this little device daily, here's how.

Keep this handy little device with you and save yourself from infections and the pain of minor cuts and scrapes. A short exposure (about a minute) of Class A UV light to your cut or scrape once or twice and the infection never occurs and the pain subsides! The cut or scrape heals in a much shorter time period! It's amazing! No more need for anti-bactireal creams or sprays.
Do you have a problem with warts?
Have you tried the acid treatment? Works good and is trouble free right?
Well, UV light kills off this viral infection. It does take some time, a couple of months of almost daily 2 minute exposure, but it does work and not messy or have chunks of flesh peeling off.
How about fungal infections?
 Atheles foot is a thing of the pass if you give your feet and toes some exposure to UV light. A daily dose for a few weeks and that atheles foot will be gone, a little maintence a couple a times a week and that fungus will be gone for good. That other fungal infection you get in your toes is also destroyed by UV light. Patent number 6960201 varifies this. It takes almost a year to grow new nails, but its worth the time. No more endless use of creams or oitements, Just expose to UV light. A few minutes a day and your feet are wonderful again.
 All thou probably outside the capabilitys of the funginator, psoriises and epapzima respond well to UV light exposure.
Do you eat out?
With this little unit you can sterlize the utensils you eat with, glass and cups you drink from and even your food if you're so inclined.
How about that keyboard and phone you share?
UV light kills a lot of things
Do you use public restrooms?
of course this means an extra minute or two out of your daily routine, but weren't you doing the same thing with sprays and oitements? Now no more messy applications or inhale who knows what from the various aerosols that claim to cure your aliments. You will have to buy and change the batteries every now and then. If you need to clear a heavy fungal area the solar powered model is a wise choice here.
Coming soon!!!!